One of our most important assets is our network of entrepreneurial partners, our investors, and our suppliers. We strive to take care of our valuable long-standing relationships and to reach out to new people and organizations.

The founder of Noveza has developed sound relationships with renowned banks, investors, NGO’s, lawyers, and professionals through years of leading new ventures, including the following:

The VALUE of the network...

Noveza serves as the home office of Eco Enterprises Fund, of which Mr. Jiménez is a member of the Investment Committee.

For over 15 years, EcoEnterprises Fund, through its first fund, Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A. and second fund, EcoEnterprises Partners II, LP have pioneered investment in small and growing sustainable businesses in Latin America. As a leader in impact investing, the Fund has proven the ability to achieve social and environmental results with financial returns.

Please refer to for its major private and institutional investors.